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What's on this summer in Surrey: September 1-9

Woking Food & Drink Festival

Most of the schools go back at some point this week, but there are still a few activities taking place for those who have a few more days off, as well as for those of you with pre-schoolers.

We have tried to list as many as we can here, but please also head to our what’s on calendar for more events and details.

You can also get lots of ideas and inspiration from our listings sections for ideas, including days outgarden centresparks and playgrounds and (let’s hope you don’t need this one) rainy days. You can find all of these sections and more under the main things to do page.

Please don’t forget to check with the venue before setting off to ensure the activity is going ahead or in some cases, to book your place.

Throughout the holidays

Trails and activities still running at National Trust properties this week:

Weekend September 1-2

The vintage revival weekend at the Rural Life Centre promises entertainment for all ages, from dance classes to makeovers, stalls and live music. The Dance Movement will be offering tuition and demos in 1940s and 50s dances, accompanied by the joyous tones of a Glenn Miller tribute band. An evening tea dance will also offer visitors the chance to show off their Jive and Lindy hop on the Saturday. There will also be a display of hot rods and other vintage cars. All visitors are welcome to dress up for the occasion, and stallholders will sell vintage wares from the 1940s, '50s and '60s.

Fishers Farm is recruiting soldiers for its Army Weekend! If you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle the Army Assault Course, pack your bags and sign up for a fantastic day out at Fishers Farm with the chance to earn yourself a medal if you can pass your training!​ 

Enjoy seasonal demonstrations and see a variety of different produce as part of Harvest Weekend at Weald and Downland museum on Saturday and Sunday.

Harvest Museli is a workshop taking place at Haslemere museum. Learn about different grains from field to cereal bowl and make your own muesli to take home.

Hollycombe Museum's annual model weekend will attract all kinds of models and modellers, with railway layouts, fairground models, miniature traction engines, and more! Sounds like a great one for those little train enthusiasts.

Woking Food and Drink Festival is a FREE event taking place in the town centre. There will be live cookery demonstrations, celebrity chefs, family activities, workshops, live music and street entertainment.

American Day at Brooklands Museum on Sunday is a day dedicated to vehicles from across the pond and will include gleaming Dodge, Chryslers, Mustangs, Hot Rods and much more in and around the Paddock and Motoring Village.

Live Local, Love Winkworth on Sunday is a free event at Winkworth with family-friendly activities, live music and community stalls. There’ll be something to see and do in every corner of the arboretum.

All week

Monday is your last chance to enjoy 50 Days of Summer at Birdworld, which includes fascinating facts, a trail around the park, challenges from Ivor the cockatoo, entertainment sessions, arts and crafts and more. 

Buggyfit is taking place at Polesden Lacey on Monday, giving you a chance to work off some of those summer ice creams whilst your little one stays with you. This post natal exercise program aims to help strengthen and stabilise the post pregnancy body.

Story time at RHS Wisley is a nice gentle activity to start the week with on MondayChildren can get lost in the natural world of creepy-crawlies and garden adventures. Sessions last around 20 minutes and are suitable for under 5yrs accompanied by an adult.

Wisley Flower Show starts on Tuesday and runs until September 9. Browse, buy and get advice from more than 50 specialist nurseries and enjoy displays, demonstrations and talks.

FREE Wild Tots taster sessions are being offered in Nower Wood on Thursday and Friday, giving little ones a chance to enjoy Forest School inspired adventures, stories and discoveries in the woods. This is suitable for 2-5-year-olds and booking is essential.

Another free taster session is available at Stagecoach in Cobham on Thursday, when young people can try some singing, acting and dancing and find out a bit more about what Stagecoach offers.

Maisie Goes to the Museum at Haslemere Museum on Friday is a storytelling session for the under-fives and their parent or carer. There is no need to book in advance.

Weekend September 8-9

Wild Families with the Surrey Wildlife Trust on Saturday is a session for the whole family! Bring out your family's wild side with games, crafts and activities to engage with nature, fun for all the family.Cost is £5, babes in arms FREE. Booking essential, please book for each person attending the event.

To celebrate Heritage Open Days, there will be an object handling session at The Lightbox on Saturday, with artefacts from the museum's history collection. This is a drop-in session suitable for visitors aged 4+. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

The Woodwork Saturday Club by The Great British Woodshop will give children an opportunity to learn a wide range of skills including respect for tools and carpentry and construction skills.

Haslemere Museum is celebrating Heritage Open Days 2018 and the its 130th anniversary with a special trail and children’s activities on Saturday.

Donkey Day out at the Rural Life Centre on Sunday will feature talks, demonstrations and displays on the theme of these lovely animals. The organisers say that the aim of the event is for everyone to have a relaxing time...and that includes the donkeys!

Have a great week.

Four of the most fantastic desserts in Surrey

As a busy mum to little ones, it’s fair to say that the odd dessert doesn’t go amiss. The taste of gooey melting chocolate, the refreshing cool of ice cream on our tongues, the tang of that rich raspberry sorbet… We’re not ashamed to admit that it’s what we live for. 

So we think that if we’re going to indulge, we really ought to do it in style. We gave up our nights on the town, our perfectly groomed and put together outfits, and our time-consuming hobbies, but at least we still have some whopping great sugar rushes left!  

But where best to enjoy them? Here’s where to go for four of the most fantastic desserts in Surrey… 

Summer Berry Savarin at Brasserie Blanc

If there’s one thing we adore, it’s the tang of fresh berries on our tongues, especially when it’s hot outside and summer is in full swing. Luckily for us, BrasserieBlanc caters to our obsession, with their amazing Summer Berry Savarin. A delicious concoction of kirsch and vanilla-soaked cake, topped with strawberries, raspberries, coulis, and crème Chantilly, it tastes utterly divine, and can be yours for the bargain price of £6.50. 

Alcoholic Ice Cream from the Slug and Lettuce 

Want to know what you can always count on the Slug and Lettuce to deliver? The answer is flavoursome food that will fill your tum and leave you feeling happy. Their dessert offerings are no exception to this rule, with their alcoholic ice creams being our particular favourites. The next time you want to wet your lips, take your pick from Strawberry Bellini, Pina Colada, and Mint Mojito – you won’t be disappointed!

Chocolate Death at the White Star Tavern

If we’re being entirely honest, there’s not a mum alive who doesn’t rely on chocolate to see her through the day. If you can relate, then the White Star Tavern has a treat in store. This top-notch gastropub serves up some seriously great food, and its Chocolate Death dessert is the pick of the bunch. Blending warm walnut and pistachio brownie with chocolate crumbs, chocolate custard, raspberry coulis, caramelised puff pastry, burnt white chocolate, and vanilla parfait, it’s the ultimate indulgence at the end of a long day.   

Popcorn Brownie Sundae at TGI Fridays 

Sticking with chocolate as the perfect treat, we also adore the Popcorn Brownie Sundae from TGI Fridays. A delicious mix of warm chocolate brownie chunks, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel sauce, this recipe uses real dairy ice cream alongside sticky toffee popcorn and the freshest whipped cream. It’s so magnificently good that it will have your mouth watering the second you sniff it. The one downside is that you can’t have it delivered to your door, but if you want to substitute it for Chocolate Fudge Fixation or Brownie Temptation – both equally amazing – then has you covered!

From superb sundaes to the best milkshakes in Surrey, these four fantastic dessert destinations know just how to deliver. Why not treat yourself to a gluttonous trip out to see for yourself?  

How you should be caring for your little one’s tiny feet

It can be a struggle knowing how to juggle the growing list of motherly duties when you’ve got a new-born, with disrupted nights and constant clean-ups becoming a huge part of your new life. However, it’s important to make sure you’re caring for all parts of them correctly, including their feet. 

Babies’ foot development is crucial to their walking quality later in life, so knowing the rough stages they should go through, as well as what’s normal and what isn’t, will help your little one to get off on the right foot. So, for more information on how to care for your child’s tiny feet, read on.

The foot development process

It’s important to know what’s normal and what’s not. Additionally, knowing when changes should occur in your child’s feet will ensure you’re aware of when to seek help from specialists. So, make sure you familiarise yourself with these key development stages:

36 months:Your baby’s feet will comprise primarily of cartilage-like tissue that has gaps between the layers. This means that their feet will be very flexible, and you might find that they’re able to bend out of shape — this is painless to them, so don’t worry too much about it when they’re barefoot.

However, if their feet move into these unnatural positions while they’re wearing shoes, it could be hard for your child to bend them back, leading to injury. To avoid this, pick shoes with flexible soles and soft inner cushioning to provide optimum comfort and support. 

69 months:When your baby begins to walk, the pressure on their feet makes the tissue ossify into bone. At this stage, their feet will grow quickly, so make sure every pair of shoes you choose has at least 1cm of growing room in the toes and prioritise grippy textured soles to support them while walking.

24 years:By this point, the layer of baby fat on their feet will have melted away, revealing a more mature shape. But be aware that, although they now have all of the bones necessary for normal development, these won’t be properly fused until adolescence. 

If you notice your child’s feet are particularly flat at this stage, don’t fret! Most children of this age have flat feet that should develop arches later on.

4+ years:After what will seem like a period of non-stop shoe shopping, you child’s feel will grow much slower once they hit the age of four. As they will be up and about now, getting shoes that can withstand their daily play sessions will be key. 

Remember that these are only guidelines, and every child will develop at their own pace. But, if you are worried about anything, don’t be afraid to share your concerns with a doctor who will be able to help. 

How to pick the perfect first pair of shoes

It’s recommended that your baby spends plenty of time barefoot to encourage natural movement and flexibility in their feet. But, before you know it, they’ll need their first pair of shoes, so make sure you know how to pick the most suitable pair for your little one.

Footwear specialists Charles Clinkard recommend: 

  • Getting their feet measured every 6–8 weeks
  • Choosing shoes that have room for growth
  • Picking leather and synthetic shoes, which are soft and comfortable as well as supportive and breathable
  • Prioritising adjustable fastenings like Velcro straps and supportive structures like padded ankle collars

It’s generally much easier to check when the length of their shoes is too small, as opposed to the width, so make sure you’re frequently checking both. To measure the length, press down on the front of the shoe — their toes shouldn’t feel squashed or right at the end of the shoe. For the width, place the tip of a finger down the side of the shoe at the instep (the arched middle section of the shoe). If your finger doesn’t fit in comfortably, it’s time to head back to a shoe fitter for a new pair. And, as a quarter of infants will outgrow the width of their shoes before the length, according to Podiatry Network, it’s particularly important to keep an eye on this to ensure their foot development isn’t hindered by ill-fitting shoes.

Issues to watch out for

Your little one’s feet should be well-developed by the time they turn five, but it’s important that you’re aware of any problems you need to be looking out for. Tip-toe walking, out-toeing, and in-toeing are among some of the issues you should keep an eye out for. These will usually correct themselves with age but, if you are concerned, it’s always best to get them checked out by your family doctor or paediatrician.

For more information on these development issues, visit the NHS’s guide to infant leg and foot problems.

Remembering what you need to be watching out for in your child’s foot development can be challenging, but the results of a happy and healthy child will be worth it. Follow the tips in this guide to ensure you’re caring for their feet correctly — they’ll be up and about in no time!

Budget-friendly family fun to keep you cool in summer

Summer’s here, the weather’s hot and you’re probably already desperately searching for things to keep the kids entertained in the coming school-free weeks. When things heat up, it can be tough to work out just what to do to keep cool, especially when you find yourself on a strict budget. Whether you’re on the verge of short term loans or you’re just a little tight now that the holidays are here, we've put together a simple guide to budget-friendly fun for keeping cool with your family this summer.

Get Wet

There’s no better way to cool down when the sun is shining than with a splash of water. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can use water to have a bit of weather-friendly fun and all for either a low costor completely free. You could add a sprinkler onto the end of your hose to keep the kids active, entertained and cool and if you don’t already own one, they’re very cheap to buy. Alternatively, you could let your kids paint with water. Simply hand them a cup and a paintbrush, and watch as they make incredible creations on the pavements, walls, decking or wherever else they like – after all, the water will dry up and leave the canvas fresh again. 

Visit The Park

This may seem like an obvious choice, but a trip to the park in the head can be a great way to help your kids run off some energy and enjoy the weather. Set up somewhere to sit in the shade and bring a cool bag with some drinks to keep you and the kids hydrated at regular intervals during playtime. You could even look and see if there are any events going on at your local park over the summer holidays. Plenty of councils and companies will host kid-friendly events for free or for a low cost which can be a great way to get your kids out for the day without breaking the bank.

Play With Ice

When someone mentions ice to you during summer, you probably immediately think of ice in your drinks, but it can provide hours of fun too! From freezing treats and little presents in blocks of ice for your kids to meltand play with, to dropping ice cubes in a paddling pool for some refreshing fun, ice can work wonders for keeping your entire family entertained and cool - you could even freeze your pet’s toys in ice and let them lick away until they reach it to help them stay cool, too.

Find A Nearby Forest!

A forest is a great way to get some fresh air in the summer sun without being directly in the sun’s rays. Under the shade of towering trees, you and your kids can become explorers, fantasy creatures or anything else your imaginations might suggest. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed hours of fun as you ‘explore’ the forest and keep in the shade.

Find A Local Pool

Local pools are a great way to give your kids a chance to play in the water and cool off while teaching them a valuable skill. What’s more, most public pools have events all summer, including free swim days, discounts on entry prices and even inflatables that you and the kids can hop onto and get some much-neededexercise.

Staying cool when the sun is beating down doesn’t have to involve investing in countless fans and a portable AC system. From stopping by your local park or poolto breaking out some ice cubes for some quick-drying fun, there is plenty you can do to keep the little ones entertained on a budget. What will you try?

WIN a family weekend ticket to GoFest


GoFest South is back at Surrey Sports Park for the ultimate Family Sports Weekender on the 21 and 22 July at Surrey Sports Park

We have a weekend family ticket up for grabs, which will give up to 4 family members all inclusive access to 50 activities  from football, lacrosse, touch rugby, Surrey Storm netball, cricket, tennis, fencing and Archery Tag to climbing, zip wiring, dance acrobatics, paddleboarding, trampolining, scuba diving, Underwater hockey, Laser Tag and loads more.  It’s guaranteed to be a fun filled, active weekend for kids and parents. 

For a chance to win this fabulous prize, please comment on the form below (bottom of this page) with your favourite activity and we’ll select a winner. 

It’s the UK’s biggest family festival of sport, dance, health & fitness, where everyone is welcome regardless of age and ability. It’s all about getting you and your family to have fun together, perhaps doing an activity that you have never tried before with a raft of experienced coaches and sporting partners in an inspirational sporting environment. There will be even more going on this year, but make sure you get your tickets soon because the most popular activities like scuba diving, climbing, and paddleboarding do tend to get booked up very quickly. Plus there are some new sports and activities this year, which are likely to be very popular including zip wiring, tree climbing and laser tag AND have you ever tried underwater hockey or VX International?

GoFest South 2018 logo

GoFest is about just "having a go" with family friendly 30 - 45 minute coaching sessions from a raft of experienced partners in a fantastic, fun and supportive festival environment. With main stage music and dance acts, talent competition, tournaments, food outlets, bars, massage and a brilliant exhibition and retail area there is something for everyone! About 40% of GoFest is indoors so it’s even weather proof! 

For more info about GoFest go to

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only one entry per family.
  • We have one prize, consisting of four tickets.
  • Tickets for GoFest South only.
  • Prize cannot be transferred for cash value.
  • Competition closes on Monday 16 July at 8pm.

4 fun-filled ways to keep your family happy & healthy

Sometimes it can be tough to encourage your family to adopt healthy habits, and while you may not always succeed at disguising the taste of broccoli or brussel sprouts - you can convince your young-ones to take part in these four physically beneficial and fun activities. While the following exercises are known to have a positive impact on the body and mind, taking a quality multivitamin or other advantageous supplements will maximize the health potential and ensure extra protection for you and your family. To guarantee you choose the best brands to suit your family’s needs, click here for comprehensive reviews and product insight available from Review Critic. 

Spending time amongst nature in the garden is great for your mental health - reducing stress levels while increasing attention span, concentration, and memory capacity. Surrounded by tall trees and green grass, the following garden games will encourage you to kick off your shoes, breath in the fresh air, and get your blood pumping: 

1. Games in the garden

  • Capture the flag
  • Rounders
  • Twister 
  • Hula-hoop competition
  • Frisbee Golf

Surrey is known for having a surplus of exquisite gardens, allowing you to find the perfect ones to fit your family’s interests and moods. From open parks with loads of grass for activities- to intricate spaces packed with art, there is something for all ages and members of the family. So, pack a picnic basket and make today a garden day!

2. Yoga

Yoga Classes can be done at home watching an informative YouTube video, in a studio led by a yoga instructor, or in the garden - interpreted by what poses you and your family find fun. Yoga has been exercised for thousands of years and has been proven to have significant effects on: 

  • Physical health - the poses and breathing techniques build muscle strength and flexibility; increasing balance and energy levels while reducing tension, inflammation, and strain.
  • Mental health - by reducing stress levels, increasing attention span, sharpening concentration, promoting body awareness, calming the mind, and centering the nervous system.  
  • Emotional health - the body is left with increased levels of Serotonin (the happy hormone) and endorphins; contributing to feelings of overall well-being. 

Whether you are taking part in paired class completing partner poses, or making sound effects as you perform individual moves like cat and cow - Yoga is a great way for you and your family to build up physical strength and mental clarity, leaving everyone happier and healthier. 

3. Hiking

Going on an adventure along garden paths and mountain trails is a fantastic way to explore your natural surroundings while getting a health boost in the process. Hiking has been known to improve core strength and balance, build muscle and bone density while improving blood pressure and heart health. It also serves as an opportunity to learn more about the plants, insects, and animals that make up your surrounding ecosystem. These apps will help you become an environmental expert, helping you identify everything from plants, to animal tracks, to birds. There is also another free app that gamifies the whole experience with badges - encouraging the kiddies to keep at it. 

4. Spoil yourselves 

While it is all good and well to get physical, taking some time to relax and pamper yourself can have amazing benefits for you and your family. By ensuring your children know that it is okay to take some time off, you encourage a healthy relationship with the self - which can play a large role in promoting mental and emotional health. Pampering also promotes a routine of self-care, which is important when maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A couple ways to kick-start the spoils include making a couple of homemade face masks and other beauty treatments, baking some healthy yet delicious treats, and forming a foot massage circle. If you are wanting to create a more engaging and educational experience, you can introduce your family to the world of essential oils. From how they are made to the many health benefits they have, this aromatherapeutic activity will be sure to keep them busy!

From playing games in the garden to learning about nature during a hike, centering your mind and body with a little yoga to pampering with treats and spoils - these four activities are fun ways to promote a healthy family lifestyle while spending some quality time with your loved ones in the process.

Why cleaning your carpet is good for family health

Why do I need to have my carpet cleaned?

Ever wondered why your house sometimes smells bad when you walk in the front door?

If you’ve got carpets or rugs in your house, this could be why your home doesn’t always smell as fresh as you’d like it do.

Whether you’re super clean and tidy like Sheldon Cooper on the Big Bang Theory or you are a bit more messy like Joey from Friends, carpets gather their fair share of dirt and germs over time. Here’s some reasons why it’s worth getting them cleaned:

Keep your family healthy 

You walk over them, you spill things on them, and they are always on the floor - carpets are one of those areas of our houses that are prone to absorbing harmful germs. 

Professional carpet cleaners will know which cleaning material to use on which fibre, whether your carpet needs a dry clean or if it’s time to wash it with a machine and clean it meticulously. 

Save some time

Is cleaning the carpet the last thing you feel like doing on a Sunday? 

You need to get some help from a trusted carpet cleaning company. Life is too short and time is immensely precious too. 

Get professional results

Carpet cleaners know how to treat your carpets. They have studied various fabrics and have learned from experience, what to do and what not to. 

In the unlikely event they damage something; companies will usually compensate you for their mistake, what you will get if you mess things up is a depressing week.

Increase the life of your carpets

Often than not carpets are replaced because people think they are looking old and shabby. However, keeping your carpets under consistent check by a professional cleaner will extend their life. 

Kicks mold and mildew out 

Two most common invaders of a carpet are mould and mildew, which could appear after someone cleans a carpet and leaves it excessively wet.

Moulds produce allergens (substances that can cause an allergic reaction), irritants and, sometimes, toxic substances. Inhaling or touching mould spores may cause an allergic reaction, such as sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes and skin rash. Moulds can also cause asthma attacks. 

Professional carpet cleaners will ensure you avoid this problem.

WIN four tickets to Cirque Berserk at Richmond Theatre


We’re giving away four tickets to the jaw-dropping circus spectacular made just for theatre, Cirque Berserk!

Direct from London's West End and showcasing the finest in traditional circus thrills and skills, Cirque Berserk! celebrates the 250th anniversary of the invention of Circus by bringing this treasured form of live entertainment bang up-to-date and ready to amaze.

Combining contemporary cirque-style artistry with adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this astoundingly talented international troupe includes over thirty jugglers, acrobats, aerialists, dancers, drummers and daredevil stuntmen. Featuring the world’s most hair-raising circus act - the legendary motorcycle ‘Globe of Death’.

Great for kids and even better for adults, a trip to Cirque Berserk! is something the whole family can enjoy this summer.

★★★★★ 'A NutriBullet of contemporary circus! Properly thrilling...your eyes will be fixed on the stage' The Times

★★★★★ 'Pitched perfectly between being a traditional circus experience and a theatrical production like Cirque Soleil -this is a show not to be missed!' Birmingham Mail

★★★★ 'Fast-paced circus-with-a-difference - a veritable feast for the eyes and ears!' Manchester Evening News

We're giving one lucky family the chance to win 4 tickets (must include 1 adult) for the performance of the show on Monday 2 July at 7.30pm. Simply answer the following question (entry box below): 

What circus act does the show contain? a) Globe of Life b) Globe of Breath or c) Globe of Death ??

For a chance to win four tickets, simply answer the question above and a winner will be picked at random and contacted by 5pm on Wednesday 28 June. Terms and conditions apply, the family ticket applies to the performance on Monday 2 July at 7.30pm and is for 4 tickets. T & C’s apply, see below.

Cirque Berserk promises to be the perfect theatre show for the family. For more info about the show click here.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We have 1 prize, consisting of four tickets.
  • Minimum 1 adult in attendance.
  • Ticket for Monday 2 July, 7.30pm performance only..
  • Tickets cannot be transferred for another show or cash value.
  • Competition closes on Wednesday 27 June 2018 at 8pm.

Importance of encouraging social skills in children

Children are the future; today’s tots could be tomorrow’s executives, doctors or leaders. So, it’s important that children are given the opportunity to socialise from a young age. Particularly as social skills are considered one of the most important skills we develop through our childhood. Affecting our job success, relationships and personal emotional health. 

Research in the past has shown that children who did receive sufficient socialisation while young had a higher chanceof developing social anxiety during their teens. This can be carried through to adult life leading to anxiety and even depression.

Every child will be different, some will of course be shyer, and it’s important that socialisation is never forced, but instead encouraged. Small steps towards positive socialisation at a young age will make it easier for children to socialise once they start school. The importance of starting young cannot be promoted strongly enough, as social skills can be harder to teach as children develop. Should you be concerned about your young child’s socialisation skills, you can approach their teacher or enrol them into a social skills group. Targeted social skills groups are good for bringing children of a similar age group together, to enable positive communication with their future classmates and colleagues. 

We look at some other ways social skills can be beneficial to our adult life;

Positive Relationships

Social skills go a long way when forming positive relationships with others. Good social skills are required for encouraging trust but also ensure a healthy understanding of setting and following relationship boundaries. Personal relationships help you progress in life, from emotional development to advancing in your career. 

An adult with healthy socialisation skills is less likely to be taken advantage of in or out of the workplace. They will also be able to better build positive relationships with their colleagues, promoting an optimistic workplace where everyone is well supported and happy. 

Team building exercises are popular in the workplace for promoting communication, co-operation and relationships between colleagues. They can particularly helpful for encouraging quieter members of the workforce to get involved and can be beneficial to adults that may be lacking in their social skills. Potentially, these exercises can be adapted to younger groups and can be a great, fun way of promoting social skills in youngsters, click here to learn more.

Enhanced Communication

Communication between individuals is important, it allows us to bond with others, build trust and forge lasting friendships which will support us in our adult life. Without practised, positive social skills, communication can break down leading to misunderstandings and conflict. Good social skills will also encourage healthy communication with the right people. Ensuring individuals can recognise negative communication and take action that shows empathy or where necessary, self-preservation.

Increased Quality of Life

Although it may not be obvious to all straight away why social skills will encourage an increased quality of life, it’s all down to the opportunities good social skills bring. A healthier approach to forming and keeping relationships that are beneficial and encouraging. More self-confidence which often leads to taking charge in the workplace opening more prospects for promotion and self-development. 

Positive social skills also assist in resolving disagreements, meaning less exposure to negative communication and promoting empathy. This encourages healthy boundaries and helps individuals know when to remove or restrict a person’s poor influence in their life. 

While there is plenty of information available on developing social skills in children and promoting interpersonal skills in adults. Make sure to approach a social development professional if you suspect your child is falling behind in their social skills. Alternatively, contact a team building co-operation should you be seeking social development activities for your workplace in order to build positive relationships withcolleagues. 

WIN four tickets to see AniMalcolm at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford


Surrey Mummy and Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre are offering you the chance to win a family ticket (4 seats) to David Baddiel’s ANiMALCOLM on Thursday 14 June at 7pm.  For a chance to WIN, simply answer the following question (entry form at the bottom of this page):

What doesn't Malcom like?

a) Fossils b) Vegetables or c) Animals

Malcolm doesn’t really like animals which is a problem as his family are crazy about them. The house is full of pets but what Malcom really wants is a new laptop for his birthday. Instead he gets a pet chinchilla and a ticket for the annual three-day school trip to a farm… full of animals. 

During the most bizarre weekend adventure, Malcolm learns what it’s like to BE an animal and starts to appreciate just how amazing animals really are.  He also learns that sometimes the hardest thing to become is yourself.  But will he end up the same as before?

Six actors portray 35 different characters – including more than 20 animals – combining outstandingphysical performances with great music, puppetry and a gloriously funny script to create one of the biggest family theatre events of the year. 

David Baddiel’s bestseller has won rave reviews and massive sales, delighting young readers as they follow Malcolm’s weird and wonderful journey of discovery about life as an animal. 

Story Pocket Theatre was formed in 2013 and had instant success. The company won the Primary Times Children’s Choice Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2014 and the coveted Three Weeks Editors’ Choice Award at Edinburgh in 2015. 

Faithful to Baddiel’s novel, this production is full of witty dialogue, ingenious puppetry, hugely energetic performances and a score that reflects the characteristics of all the animals Malcolm meets along the way.  Suitable for everyone ages 5 years and above.