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Budding young poets have been chosen as winners in a competition after scoring high on a Giggle Meter.

KOOSA Kids After School Clubs at St Edmunds School and Godalming Junior School showed their support of National Poetry Day on March 21 by challenging the children to get creative with their words.

Children took part in word-related games and activities designed to encourage expression through poetry in a fun and engaging way. The poetry theme ‘LOL – Laugh out Loud’ culminated with a poetrycompetition with one winner being chosen in each age group. Prizes and Certificates were awarded to children who achieved the highest scores on the KOOSA Giggle Meter .

The winners were Katie, age seven, and Isobel, age nine, from St Edmunds Club, and Sinead, age10, and Tom, age eight, from Godalming Junior School Club.

Lee Partner, director of KOOSA Kids, said: "It is really important that all the children who attend our clubs are enjoying the time they spend in our care. To ensure we achieve this, we have implemented special activity weeks throughout the school term which have included visits from the local police and fire service - all a resounding success. The clubs have also participated in National campaigns, such as Road Safety Week.

The poem theme has been incredibly well-received and the children showed bundles of enthusiasm and were eager to demonstrate their creative writing skills. Many congratulations to the deserved winners of this competition!"