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Today, every student is dealing with lots of pressure due to overload of assignment, projects and home work assigned in university and want perform best in his academic career and for this, they look for ways to work smarter not harder. Well!!! Whenever we heard working smarter not harder, we know the drills but still, there is something which we are missing and could not able to achieve our goals.

Ways to Work Smarter Not Harder

  • “Work smarter not harder” is an old saying and every student wants to excel in it as it will make the rest our life easier but somehow they could not get succeeded. Therefore, Urgent Assignment Help is sharing these simple techniques which you can apply to save your extra time while performing any task. Let’s have a look:
  • Plan Things on Regular Basis: In order to put your efforts in every that thing you want to achieve, you should pay attention to make a To-Do list of all your important works and projects along with their deadlines. It will give you a proper idea about all works you have to do within a specified time period. Here, you can also use a planner which shows a full week at a time.
  • Prioritize Things That Needs To Be Done: After making the effective To-Do list with the tasks you have, the next step would be prioritizing the tasks on the basis of their deadlines, work load and your level of intelligence into them. You need to figure out which assignment or project needs to be done on urgent basis or which has time.
  • Let Not Your Habits Fool You: Though we want to work smarter not harder but when it comes to put our efforts, we somehow feel laziness or boredom. So, the essential step would be controlling your habits. The great idea would be to force yourself to think positively and give your best shot into this. You should not let your habits control you and try to take control on them.
  • Improve Time Management Skills: This is the most necessary step you need to pay your attention on as until unless you are not good in manage your time, all your efforts will not worth it.  For example, when you are doing a particular assignment, just switch off your phone and ignore emails and social media.

To Sum Up

Though for smart and time efficient study of assignments, you can hire University Assignment Help but if you excel these skills and learned to work smarter not harder, it will benefit you in long way. They will enable you to work smarter not harder as it involves strategy and high quality work with less fatigue.

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here is no need to tell you that how much the networking is important in any field to survive in the competition. It is one of the most essential factors if you want to have a successful career or job. Now the question is what is the most important thing to make good connection or networking? You are probably thinking that our education and technical skills. Well!!! They are necessary but what you would extremely need is conversational skills.

Starting Professional Conversation with Some Starters

Yes, you heard it right!!! Conversations skills are the most important elements to get the best out of any discussion in group of people and if you want to make strong professional networks, these conversations starters can help you. Let’s have a look at these starters by Urgent Assignment Help Australia:

  1. Hi, I am (Your name) and I (What you do): This can be your opening line to have a conversation with someone. You can say this with an outstretched arm as a way that you are inviting the concerning person. Just have a smile on your face and maintain ye contact. You must ensure that your handshake must be firm and brief. Now you can pick out what other person is telling you and drive the conversation further.

  2. Hi, Why Are You Here Today? – It can be a simple, friendly and direct question which you can ask the other party without getting him stuck into the difficult question. This question even works better with industry focused events or you can modify this question according to the situation.

  3. I Saw You Profile On LinkedIn And You Also Worked With So And So: This can be the most effective opening line as it represent your attentiveness towards social media and make other person know that you want to know about his work. Through this way, you can easily connect with your fellow networked.

  4. What Do You Love About Your Industry? -  This can be another effective line as through this, you can know about their interest and hobbies. This will help you in sharing your interests and thoughts as well as know about his work also. In addition to this, you could also get the great insider information.

  5. How Did You Get Into This Industry? – There are many people who like to talk about themselves and enjoy telling their journey which brought them to work in this industry.  You can ask this question as it is well suited with executives and high level contacts.

These are some important and effective professional conversation starters which you can use as an advantage to build your professional networking. If you need more help, you can contact to Online University Assignment Help. They provide you the best guidance and help in writing your assignments and home woks.

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Today English is the most spoken language by maximum people across the world and this is a good thing if you also speak English, that but it can be more beautiful and simplistic if you improve your pronunciation. There are many students out there who though speak English but they could not be able to maintain any fluency and sound pronunciation. But by keeping the vastness of English in the mind throughout the world, it is essential to improve your English pronunciation if you want to be successful in any field.

How to Improve Your Pronunciation Skills in English?

As per Law Assignment Help , though learning English as a second language can be the most fascinating and exciting experience as it opens the new doors of opportunities in the world but you can bring the best out of it by improving your pronunciation like a pro. It can be the complex process but if you do it on regular basis, you could get success.

  • Be An Active Listener: One of the most important rules to improve any language is to listen it carefully and keep your ears open at all times. You should pay attention to how other people are speaking English and try to figure out your pronunciation mistakes in their conversation. Once you figured it out, you can take the necessary steps towards improvements.

  • Record And Listen Yourself: If you record your English speaking and then listen it, you could figure out your many mistakes and choose the ways of improvements. You do not even need someone’s help or time as this is one of the easiest way to find out your pronunciation mistakes. All you need a mobile phone and start recording your skills.

You Can Also Take the Help of YouTube Channel of Speaking English

As per Nursing Assignment Help, today there are a plenty of YouTube channels are available where you can have quality guidance of native English speaker to improve your pronunciation. This is one of the fastest ways of improving your English. Here you can find plenty of videos of suggestions, tips etc. You can start your own YouTube channel where you are posting video of your English and asking for feedback.

  • Do Not Need To Be Fluent: Many people take the meaning of fluent speaking with fast speaking but this is not true. Speaking too fats ultimately leaves you with bad habits and make you a nervous speaker. Instead of this, you should focus on speaking slowly but clearly so that you could have proper time to think what are you saying.

  • Practice In Front of Mirror: You should start practicing of speaking English in front of the mirror so that you could notice your tongue, lips and shape of your mouth to make certain sounds. It would increase your confidence also.



Learning English and improving your pronunciation can be the daunting task initially but you can bring the best out of it by practicing on the regular basis.

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When it comes to personal finance, savings and debts are two aspects that certainly cannot be ignored. One is necessary to get rid of all past troubles while another one is done to solidify the future. So, you see both are equally important but still, there is a common doubt among the people that is it possible to do both together without going broke? Most of the people will suggest you focus on your debts first and then jump to the savings.

However, sometimes paying debts can take too long and saving is something that the earlier you start the more secure you will make your future. So, it can be very confusing about what to do? Well, it may surprise you but you can save and pay off your debts simultaneously. Now, you must be thinking how it is possible? Well, for that you have to go through the entire blog to find out. So, let us get started.

Tips and tricks to save and pay off debts together

1.      Come up with an impeccable debt repayment plan

Well, the first thing that you need to do is prepare an effective repayment plan for your debt. You need to make sure that your future savings are not being drained away instantly due to your past debts.  Try to pay the minimum amount of the debt and keep filling your saving account as well. While paying your debts, you can follow either one of the two repayment methods- debt snowball and debt avalanche. In the first one, you will have to pay the lowest debt balances first and in the later one- you will get to pay the highest interest debts first.

2.       Monitor your spending

If you really want to be financially stable, then knowing the inflow and outflow of your money is really important. You cannot increase your financial capacity if you have no idea where you spend your money. Keeping an eye on your spending will provide you with a clear picture of where your money goes and come. You can do it simply manually by maintaining a diary and noting down every detail or maintain a sheet on your computer. Furthermore, there are various apps available online that can make this hectic task quite easy to perform and access.

3.       Don’t touch your savings 

Savings are made for your future goals and stability, not for using it to pay your past debts or financing any certain home renovation project. If such a situation arises, you can take apply for 12 month loans without guarantor in order to fund your sudden financial expenses. There are many reputed lenders in the UK such as Big Loan Lender, Likely loans, and others who can provide you loans even if you have no guarantor but they might check other things such as your income, credit score and others before approving.

4.       Keep automating your saving

Paying off your debts is not the only task that you have on your shoulder; you have to think equally and efficiently about the saving as well. Saving is the best way to ensure that you don’t go for more debts as it will help you tackle any financial crisis without much trouble. Also, it is true that your financial capacity will change your within time so you need to automate your savings so that you are saving more when your financial condition is good and vice versa. In this hectic and busy life of ours, it is quite easy to forget a couple of things and this could be with your saving as well. It can happen that you forget to deposit the amount on your saving account for a month or two, so in order to avoid this situation automate your saving account.

5.       Take financial help to get rid of your old debts

This may sound weird to you but this is something many people do in order to complete their old debts. If you are under the burden of multiple debts and you have barely started saving, then it would be rational to take financial assistance. You can apply for 12 month loan no credit check and pay the major chunk of your debt and you will have to plenty of time to repay the loan.

Wrapping up, these were the useful tips and advice that can help you save and pay off your debt at the same time. However, try to follow them only if your pocket permits as there is no need to put yourself on any risk.

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All under Northeast scenic tour packages, an attractive plan that is a struck with Indian along with worldwide tourists. House to over 160 people, soaring hills, lavish green meadows, snow-capped Himalayan Mountains, the North East is essentially paradise on earth. A storehouse of all-natural bounties and also abundant social heritage, this area will certainly leave you mesmerized. The locals are typed as well as constantly welcoming so you won't feel like a traveler in this edge of India. It's not just its appeal, however its special food that will certainly leave you spellbound and hungry for even more. The plunging waterfalls, deep valleys, and also wildlife are something that you can't afford to miss out on. Whether you are intending to choose your good friends or family members or even take a solo journey, the North East is an ideal destination for all. Actually, it is just one of the most preferred places by solo women vacationers. The well-planned best northeast package provides you an opportunity to check out and experience all this along with much more.

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