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Dear Surrey Mums,

I would really appreciate your thoughts on my new music concept.

Being a father of 3 and seeing my children grow up I really appreciate that I could afford for my wife to mother our children without having to put them into day nursery, but also saw the effort and sacrifice she gave with giving everything up to do so.

The other day in Guildford I saw 6 mums march into a coffee shop try and find a table, got dirty looks by everyone without kids which also frustrated me.

I would like to do a coffee morning with a difference.

I have dedicated music studios in Aldershot just on the surrey borders where we could have a coffee morning say from 10 - 12. We would supply the coffee inclusive whist also giving music lessons to mums.

I couldn't provide a manned cresh but if a group of you got together 1/2 could baby sit and the other could be taught guitar, drums or keys in rotational 30 minute slots.

I have enough space for approximately 10 mums with pushchairs etc.

The charge would £7.50 inc the coffee for two hours.

Do you think you would like it and do you think it would work!!

Really appreciate your help!!


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