Littlehampton Seafront

Beach with nearby family amusement park. Wide promenade - great for scooters.

BN17 5LH

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Good for all weathers 

On 11 Jun 2011, DaisyGlaze wrote:
We went to Littlehampton for the day during the half term. The weather wasn't great but we went anyway and still had brilliant fun. The wind was about 100pmh! The children got blown along the promenade on their scooters and had fun racing the train to the play park. The park has been updated with lots of new equipment, including a zip-wire. We all had fantastic fun in the arcade and the kite flew so well in the wind it ended up breaking. The point is, this is a great day out even when it isn't a really hot day.
Lovely day at the beach 

On 7 Mar 2011, Black Mule wrote:
Littlehampton is a great place to go for the day. It only takes about 45mins to get there from Guildford.
You can enjoy a day on the beach, or, if the weather is not too warm, you can walk along the promenade, walk to the harbour or spend a bit of money at the amusement park.
There is a good play park along the seafront and children enjoy taking the small train along. Back from the harbour area there is a pond with pedal boats for hire.
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