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Frankie & Benny's

New York Italian child-friendly restaurant.

Unit 3, Woodbridge Meadows, Woodbridge Road

GU1 1BD Guildford

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Phone: 01483 307310

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5.5 based on 2 votes

cannot cope with large group 

On 4 Apr 2011, cectai wrote:
Last week mums from our kindergarten class decided to have lunch together as school finished half day.
We made the booking a few days beforehand, so that they were fully aware a large group of kids/mums would be turning up for Friday lunch.
It was very disappointing that they didn't plan for extra staff, fully aware of the large booking, and the service was poor.
The waiters tried to avoid our group completely, and we needed to find someone to take our orders after over 1/2 hour waiting.
It is rather stressful to have a lunch for 3.5 hours with over 20 young children because of the endless waiting.

On 26 Jan 2011, cectai wrote:
My daughter's favourite restaurant. She loves the puzzle/games which change every few weeks.
Very child friendly place, but can be very noisy.
Sunday can be very busy, and thus very long waiting time for food.
Frankie & Bennys 

On 19 Jan 2011, Avril wrote:
My son loves eating here. Great choice of food for children and they are given a colouring/puzzle book with a funky crayon pencil which they can then take home. Can get very noisy in there, particularly if you go when there are a number of children's birthday parties taking place. Most of the staff participate in singing a very noisy "happy birthday" to the birthday child. Great if you are there for a party but not so great if you are trying to hold a conversation over your meal and there are several party tables for them to get through!
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