Summer’s here, the weather’s hot and you’re probably already desperately searching for things to keep the kids entertained in the coming school-free weeks. When things heat up, it can be tough to work out just what to do to keep cool, especially when you find yourself on a strict budget. Whether you’re on the verge of short term loans or you’re just a little tight now that the holidays are here, we've put together a simple guide to budget-friendly fun for keeping cool with your family this summer.

Get Wet

There’s no better way to cool down when the sun is shining than with a splash of water. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can use water to have a bit of weather-friendly fun and all for either a low costor completely free. You could add a sprinkler onto the end of your hose to keep the kids active, entertained and cool and if you don’t already own one, they’re very cheap to buy. Alternatively, you could let your kids paint with water. Simply hand them a cup and a paintbrush, and watch as they make incredible creations on the pavements, walls, decking or wherever else they like – after all, the water will dry up and leave the canvas fresh again. 

Visit The Park

This may seem like an obvious choice, but a trip to the park in the head can be a great way to help your kids run off some energy and enjoy the weather. Set up somewhere to sit in the shade and bring a cool bag with some drinks to keep you and the kids hydrated at regular intervals during playtime. You could even look and see if there are any events going on at your local park over the summer holidays. Plenty of councils and companies will host kid-friendly events for free or for a low cost which can be a great way to get your kids out for the day without breaking the bank.

Play With Ice

When someone mentions ice to you during summer, you probably immediately think of ice in your drinks, but it can provide hours of fun too! From freezing treats and little presents in blocks of ice for your kids to meltand play with, to dropping ice cubes in a paddling pool for some refreshing fun, ice can work wonders for keeping your entire family entertained and cool - you could even freeze your pet’s toys in ice and let them lick away until they reach it to help them stay cool, too.

Find A Nearby Forest!

A forest is a great way to get some fresh air in the summer sun without being directly in the sun’s rays. Under the shade of towering trees, you and your kids can become explorers, fantasy creatures or anything else your imaginations might suggest. Whatever you choose, you’re guaranteed hours of fun as you ‘explore’ the forest and keep in the shade.

Find A Local Pool

Local pools are a great way to give your kids a chance to play in the water and cool off while teaching them a valuable skill. What’s more, most public pools have events all summer, including free swim days, discounts on entry prices and even inflatables that you and the kids can hop onto and get some much-neededexercise.

Staying cool when the sun is beating down doesn’t have to involve investing in countless fans and a portable AC system. From stopping by your local park or poolto breaking out some ice cubes for some quick-drying fun, there is plenty you can do to keep the little ones entertained on a budget. What will you try?