Finding the right car to suit your family can be a challenge as every family has different needs and wants. From the size of the vehicle or the fuel efficiency to the features and gadgets included in the vehicle, there’s plenty to consider when choosing between a brand new Renault or a traditional Ford. We look at the top five family cars for you to consider. 

1. Renault Scenic 

A famous model by French manufacturer Renault, the Scenic is the perfect car for a small family unit. With the standard 5 seats that enable you to seat the whole family, as well as plenty of room in the boot for a whole weeks’ worth of shopping, space is never an issue no matter the journey. Should you be travelling alone and find that you do not have the space that you require you can also fold down the back seats to give you additional space. Additionally,there are multiple features to consider including a heads-updisplay and a windscreen infotainment system to make your driving experience seamless. You can even rest assured that you’re in for an economical drive, as itis capable of doing 41.5 mpg with a standard petrol engine, allowing you to run all the errands that you want without worrying too much about filling up.  

2. Ford Focus 

A common choice for many when looking for a spacious car, the Ford Focus is the ideal option for busy family life. Not only does it feature a large amount of storage for shopping, school bags and more, but you are also able to do anywhere between 45-81 mpg depending on the style of your driving. This compact model is perfect for city driving too, so whether you’re dropping the kids off on your commute or you’re simply looking for a smooth drive regardless of the terrain, the Ford Focus is certainly going to provide you with it all. 

3. Vauxhall Astra 

The Vauxhall  Astra is another stylish yet affordable addition to any family unit. In addition to plenty of space, the Astra also features its fair share of smart technology on the exterior, such as smart lighting and a multitude of safety features. You also receive specially designed seats to support you as you drive as well as built-inheaters to warm you and the kids in the winter months. Comfort and convenience are the key focus of this model and we mean it when we say that the Astra really is perfect for family life, whether picking up the kids from school or heading out on a drive during the holidays to keep them entertained. 

4. Kia Optima 

One of the most economical on this list, the Kia Optima is the ideal car for those that travel a lot as a family. With seats that can both cool and heat and a panoramic sunroof, this car has family fun at the core. One of the main selling points for this car is the fuel economy coming in at up to 64 mpg, this is perfect for the daily commute to work or school and running errands as you will burn less fuel in-between visits to the petrol station. 

5. Ford Mondeo 

The second Ford on this list, the Ford Mondeo is a stylish and affordable family car that is best suited to every aspect of busy family life. With its spacious interior and sufficient boot space, there is more than enough room for you to run errands with or without the kids. With all of its smart technology and amazing driveability,you can rest assured that the entire family will be comfortable when travelling in this car. In addition to this,you also get the choice of an automatic or manual engine to suit your driving preference making the all-around experience far more enjoyable.