Holiday coding workshops for kids in Guildford, Surrey.

Computers increasingly play an important part in all aspects our lives. For this reason, computational thinking – the instinctive ability to work out exactly how to tell a computer what to do – is increasingly acknowledged as being as important as numeracy and literacy.  

Spark4Kids specialises in teaching children to code by gently introducing coding through games design, in a fun and engaging way. By creating a collaborative environment where children are encouraged to explore and experiment with games coding, we see children naturally develop the ability to problem-solve computationally.

An oft-overlooked aspect of coding is how much of a creative outlet it can be, allowing for the expression of thoughts and ideas. When children learn to code and make their ideas come to life, they start to think of themselves as creatorsand not just consumersof technology. At Spark4Kids, children are supported on their coding journey, enabling them to take ownership of the code they write – in their own time, and at their own pace.


Spark4Kids’ computer coding holiday workshops are for children aged 5-7 years, 8-12 years and 13-16 years.  The courses cater for all abilities – from absolute beginners, to children who have coded before, through to GCSE Computer Science level.

Available courses are Tech 4 Little Kids (age 5-7), Minecraft Modding, Roblox Coding, Robotics, Games Design, MicroBit & Arduino coding, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python and Unity/C#, all delivered in a fun, engaging environment. 

Encourage the development of your child’s computational thinking skills and see their confidence grow.

If you have a child who loves computers and technology, then attending Spark4Kids’ holiday workshops and learning to write computer code might just be their ultimate holiday activity!

For more information, visit Spark4Kids’ website at or call them on 0208 099 1444.