Do you feel comfortable in your own home, or is the accumulating clutter causing you to feel restricted and stressed? There is little worse than arriving home to an untidy home after a long day at work, when all you want to do is kick back, relax and spend some quality time with your family. 

The good news is that there is a solution to the chaos. One or two small changes to the organisation of your home can transform it into a refreshing, renewed and organised space. Here we share six practical tips on how to keep your home organised.

1. Designate clear areas

It is very easy to accumulate unnecessary items that take up a lot of room in the home, resulting in an unorganised space. Consider the various activities that happen in each room and ensure that there is enough space to engage in these activities. This is one way to designate clear, functional areas in the home. Decluttering these areas will open up space and improve the organisation of the room. 

2. Make use of a self storage unit

While decluttering, you may find that some items can simply not be stored at home as they take up too much space. While some of these items can be donated, others may hold sentimental value or fulfil a seasonal purpose. Self storage has proven to be an incredibly convenient way to safely store your belongings off-site. By renting a self storage unit, you will find that you have more space to organise your home while enjoying the various advantages of self storage such as accessibility, convenience and security. 

3. Strategically place your furniture

An easy way to maximise space in the home is to strategically arrange your futniture. Effective ways of doing so include placing the largest piece of furniture as the focal point, keeping doorways open and positioning furniture off of the wall. Make sure to keep pathways open so that guests and family members can move around freely. 

4. Clean as you go along

One of the simplest and most effective ways to maintain an organised space is to be consistent with cleaning up. This includes small habits such as making your bed in the morning, washing your dishes after meals and hanging the keys up when you come home. 

5. Employ a housekeeper

While small habits are easier to implement, when you lead a busy lifestyle it can be a struggle to find the time and energy to give your home a thorough clean. Without regular cleaning, your home can easily become unorganised and dirty. Employing a housekeeper on a regular basis ensures that your home receives a deep cleaning, helping the space feel fresh and orderly. 

6. Always pack your belongings away

It may seem obviously simple, but making sure that there is a place for everything in the home is an easy way to help maintain organisation. Once you have decided where each item belongs, it is important to pack your belongings away after use. This way, all your counters are clear of clutter and the space can be used a more efficient manner. If you find that your home does not have enough space to keep items properly stored, you may want to consider the advantages of self storage. 

Following these six tips will help promote a clean, organised and clutter-free home.