Moving into your dream home with a partner or young family is both exciting and daunting in equal measure. It is a chance to create a new chapter for your life, a place your children can call home for years to come and other loved ones are welcome.

Anyone who tells you that moving home isn’t stressful is a liar. There are no two ways about it; moving out and into a new property creates emotional and physical upheaval. Although it’s impossible to guarantee that any approach can reduce all elements of stress related to your house move, there are certain strategies that you can adopt to minimise its impact and give you the energy and motivation to focus on the task at hand.

Create a perfect ‘rest zone’ away from the disorganisation of the rest of your new home

When you move into your new property, it can be difficult for your brain to switch off with so much clutter in every room. With unpacked boxes, furniture and other household accessories yet to be installed, it’s very easy to feel stressed about getting everything just right. That’s why we recommend the creation of a ‘rest zone’ in your new home from day one. Nominate one of your rooms to be clutter-free, with a chance to sit and unwind away from the puzzle of boxes. Keep a kettle close by to allow you to have a cup of tea or coffee on-demand. Any leaflets from local takeaways may also be useful if your new kitchen is still out of action.

Invest in a new mattress to improve your quality of sleep

With so much to do, it can be all too easy to neglect your body. You need adequate levels of sleep in order to function properly, think clearly and make rational decisions. Don’t put sleep on the back burner; make it a priority to help you overcome physically and mentally draining days of packing, unpacking and arranging rooms. If you have put up with the same bed mattress for many years, it could be wise to invest in a brand-new mattress to allow yourself to properly recharge overnight.

If you are a solitary sleeper, the Casper single mattress should be one of your first ports of call. It is accredited as a “2019 Best Buy” by Which? magazine. Which? compares brands for all kinds of products and services and has been recommending the best options for consumers for more than 60 years. The reviewer noted Casper’s mattress 100 day trial and its pioneering mattress engineering, offering zoned support for spinal alignment and four unique layers of memory foam for unparalleled softness. Thus, ensuring a comfortable bed and better sleep after a gruelling day of moving.

Start small to avoid moving paralysis

To avoid feeling paralysed by the moving process, you can help your brain feel like you are making progress by tackling small tasks first. It doesn’t matter whether it’s filling kitchen drawers, bathroom cupboards or bedroom wardrobes, these small tasks soon add up to reduce your checklist. Making any kind of progress with your unpacking is also healthy for managing your stress levels. Focus on the task at hand and try not to think too far ahead.

Don’t ashamed to ask for support when you need it

We all like to be independent when we can but moving home often requires physical and emotional support. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask family or friends to help you with packing or unpacking for your house move. An extra pair of hands can make light work of tasks, easing your stress and providing a welcome distraction from the overall move.

Label your packing boxes intelligently

An important way to keep a lid on stress when moving home is to keep things as organised and unchaotic as possible. The key is to label your packing boxes intelligently, guarding against any uncertainty on moving day. This Real Homes blog recommends a numerical coding system for labelling packing boxes. They label boxes full of items that will be needed within the first week of moving in ‘1’, boxes that will be needed within the first month of moving in ‘2’ and boxes full of items that you like but don’t strictly need (e.g. collectables or keepsakes) ‘3’.

Accept that the moving process will be somewhat stressful

In order to overcome moving stress, you must accept the moving experience for what it is. There will be a short-term period of uncertainty and turbulence in your everyday life while things settle down. However, once the uncertainty has subsided, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you will have a wonderful new home to savour.