Since 2016, private tutoring has risen by almost a third – and now more than a quarter of parents across the UK now choose to use private tutoring as a way to boost their children’s education. So, if you’re considering private tutoring for your child, here are a few things to consider.

What do we want to achieve?

Before you embark on a relationship with a tutoring company, be sure you know the answer to this question. Consider the level of help you might need and whether it’s for a specific purpose, such as support to pass the 11+or GCSE revision– or whether it’s more general confidence building. It’s worth having a very clear idea beforehand and making sure you share these with the tutor. 

How does the tutor engage the students?

It's helpful to ask the tutor how the lessons are constructed. At Peepal Tree Learning, we encourage children to revise and prepare for the 11-plusexams based on the curriculum followed by the child’s school. A typical class might include looking at past papers, exploring the techniques required to answer the different question types and helping your child develop effective study skills. We help your child to grow in confidence, encouraging them to think creatively and analytically, rather than ‘spoon feeding’ the contents of the curriculum. This approach is essential to success in 11-plus, as the exams require children to think for themselves as opposed to simply regurgitating information.

How is progress measured? 

Tutors' assessment methods will all vary, as different practices work for different people, so be sure to ask what approach they use. You should expect regular feedback and for the tutor to explain clearly how progress will be measured. In terms of homework, you should expect that your child will be asked to complete some work outside the class schedule, but make sure this works alongside their existing workload and commitments. Be sure they will not become overwhelmed! 

What’s the best setting for us?

For some parents, the idea of 1:1 tuition can be attractive, however this can be very costly and for some children, a little too intense. The benefits of a classroom setting mean that children often ‘bounce’ off one another, enriching the experience. If you are looking for a classroom setting, take a good look at the locationand make sure it’s conducive to learning. Class sizes are also important, so make sure you ask this question. 

Is my child comfortable and happy? 

If you want success, your child must be comfortable. Watch the interaction between your child and the tutor and ask your child for feedback. Results are important, but they will only come if your child feels comfortable in the surroundings and with the teacher themselves. 

Peepal Tree Learning offers 11+ preparationand GSCE revisioncourses in three comfortable and welcoming setting, located in Richmond, Kingston Upon Thames and Sutton. Get in touchto find out about out class schedules, fees and our approach to learning success. 

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