Finding the time as a working mum to care for your hair can seem an impossible task, but by changing your daily routine and planning everything perfectly, you can have perfect hair in no time at all without causing damage to the hair either at the tip or at the root. Though some damage cannot be reversed by using shampoos and conditioners, there are hair transplant procedures to help you restore your hairline and create outstanding results every time. However, for those that are only experiencing the early signs of hair loss, we will be providing you with insight into how you can care for your hair without taking to much time out of your busy day. 

Make sure you condition deeply 

When looking to care for your hair as a busy mum, a leave-in conditioner is your best friend. Not only can you leave it in whilst you complete other jobs, but it takes just a couple of minutes to wash out and leaves your hair looking great. Whether you decide to make a hair mask of your own, or you decide to buy one from the supermarket, this can help to boost the amount of moisture in the hair and prevent the appearance of split ends.  

Find the right shampoo for your hair 

Having the right shampoo for hair can take time to get right as everyone’s scalp is different. With irritation often caused by the wrong shampoo this is a simple fix that can prevent the hair from falling out at the root making this the perfect change to make. With a simple change to a sensitive shampoo, you can replenish the hair and keep it looking great whilst caring for your loved ones.  

Use dry shampoo the night before to avoid showering in the morning

Though it may seem tempting to use dry shampoo the morning of, using dry shampoo before you sleep can help to soak up oils allowing you to get up and go in the morning. This is ideal for those that have a busy lifestyle as this eliminates the need for as many showers whilst keeping the hair looking refreshed. Whether you opt to apply baby powder or dry shampoo, this can have the same effect to create the perfect hair day every single day without the risk of over washing the hair at any point.  

Dry your hair and style at the same time 

If you are looking to achieve the perfect curls whilst reducing the amount of heat that you are using, drying your hair at the same time as curling with rollers will give you the perfect hair that you need without damaging the hair with heat. Whether this is with self-heating rollers, plating hair and other styling methods, you can have the perfect hair without causing any damage at all. This is not only great to prevent damage, but this will prevent split ends from appearing, particularly in coloured hair or hair that has not been trimmed in a while. 

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can care for your hair as a full-time mum without causing any damage at all. Which of these methods will you be using in the near future to help you balance self-care and parenthood?