Being a parent is an amazing experience, but it’s also all-consuming and fraught with challenges. Mums who started young will have faced many issues over the years, but once your precious little darlings have grown up and earned their independence, you’ll suddenly find yourself with plenty of time on your hands.

For those mums who don’t know what to do with themselves now their kids have flown the nest, here are some great ideas on how you can spend your time and make the most out of your newfound freedom. 

  1. Try Your Hand At Baking

You don’t have to be a contestant on The Great British Bake Off to enjoy creating incredible cakes, biscuits, pastries and other sweet treats. If you love making (and eating) delicious and beautiful baked goods, then take your home cooking to the next level by learning some icing techniques and crafting delicacies that will light up your Instagram. Your new hobby will make for a great conversation starter as you hand round your sumptuous treats to colleagues, friends and family. 

  1. Write A Novel

Writing is a therapeutic hobby that anyone with basic writing skills can take up. Even if you don’t end up sending it to a publisher or sharing it with anyone, you should consider writing a novel as an outlet for your creativity. It doesn’t matter if your written language isn’t that good; just get the words down and craft a story and setting. If the end product isn’t Booker Prize worthy, then don’t worry; you can always polish it later or discard it and start again. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you have!

  1. Learn A New Skill

Having children leaves little time for personal development, so now that yours have grown up and have lives of their own you should consider rediscovering the joy of learning. From languages to musical instruments, coding to calligraphy, there’s a skill for everyone to master, and platforms like Superprof have a range of tutors in every subject who can provide you with tailored learning support to start you on the road to proficiency in your chosen skill.  If you take a look at Superprof, you’ll find thousands of personal tutors to choose from in all of your favourite hobbies.

  1. Start A Side Hustle

Now that your kids are out of the house, you’ll probably have lots of their old toys, clothes and bric-a-brac cluttering up your home. To earn yourself some extra money, clear out some space and give yourself something fun to do, consider selling items on eBay or other online platforms. You don’t have to establish a business; you can simply do it for fun, or you can make a small enterprise out of it and really learn how to prosper as a businessperson. Not only does your new side business have the potential to be lucrative, but it’ll also help you to learn how to sell, negotiate and communicate better. 

  1. Cultivate A Collection Of The Things You Love

When you have kids, every penny you earn goes towards keeping them happy and healthy, but now your children are grown up and able to fend for themselves you can consider spending your time and money on the things you love. Be it classic cars, antiques, branded trainers, records or something else, find the items you like and start a collection. Buying new things might not seem too time consuming, but there’s more to collecting than just shopping. You also have to research the best ways to store and care for your items, as well as actually trying to get as much joy from each item in your collection as possible. Preservation is key to collecting anything, meaning you’ll spend as much time caring for your items as you do selecting and purchasing them. 

  1. Join A Club Or Society

As a parent it’s hard to attend regular meetings and events, as kids, school and general parental admin all conspire against you and leave you without regular periods of free time. Now that your children have their own lives you can focus on yours and join a local book club, theatre troupe, choir or any other type of society or club. The possibilities are endless for those who want to make new friends and spend their newfound spare time being sociable whilst doing what they love the most. 

  1. Get A Pet

With your children out of the house, you’ll have more space, time and money for a pet. Having a pet to lavish your affection on will act as a substitute for your children if they’ve moved out, and if they haven’t quite managed to leave the confines of mum’s house then a pet will bring you all together and give you something to dote on. Different animals have different requirements, so take the time to find the type of animal and breed that suits your lifestyle, so that you and your new pet can enjoy one another’s company for the rest of their lives. 

  1. Take An Exercise Class

Now that you don’t have your children to run around after and keep you active, it can be easy for you to become more indolent and easy-going about your exercise regime. To keep yourself in top condition and give you the chance to meet new people, consider joining an exercise class. This will get you out of the house and encourage you to be sociable, as well as improving your general health and fitness. There are loads of types of classes to choose from, meaning that whatever your age, ability or interests, you’ll find something to suit you. 

  1. Challenge Yourself To Read A Book A Week

One book a week might sound like a lot, but when you think about how many films and TV show episodes you watch during that time, it’s actually not that bad. Start slowly, with shorter books, and try to read them during your downtime, like when you’re commuting to and from work, while waiting for appointments or just when you want to relax and unwind. Gradually you’ll build up an extensive reading list and introduce yourself to loads of great books by intriguing authors. Reading offers many benefits, meaning that you’ll not only have fun with your new challenge, but also learn and evolve as a person. 

  1. Craft Your Own Gifts And Cards

Being a busy mum, it can be hard to show those you love how much you appreciate them, but now that you’ve got more time on your hands you can put it to good use and create some unique cards, gifts and keepsakes that they can treasure forever. Whether you’ve got skills like the ability to sew and knit, or you simply love giving things a go, you can find some craft ideas that’ll suit you and leave you able to show everyone who’s supported you and your family over the years just how much you value and cherish them. 

It’s always hard when your beloved children move out, or get their own lives and no longer need you as much as they used to, but with these tips you can find a way to fill your days and make the most out of all the time you now have to spend doing things for yourself.