Choosing the best practice and dentist is a big decision to ensure that your teeth are looked after properly. However, with there being so many dentists available, it can be difficult to know what makes a good dentist. Therefore, we have put together some top tips on choosing the best dentist and what to look out for. So whether you’re looking for a dentist in Surrey, London, Essex or anywhere else in the United Kingdom, you can find a reliable dentist to help you take care of your teeth and help them to last longer. 

Qualifications and experience 

Whether it’s a dentist in St Johns Wood, a dental nurse, dental hygienist, therapist or technician you’re looking, it’s imperative that you check their qualifications. It’s essential that all dentists successfully complete 5 years of undergraduate training and also have a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, with the letters ‘BChD’ or ‘BDS’ after their name. To keep their techniques and skills up to date, dentist must also regularly attend training after achieving their qualifications. When you’re looking for a dental practice, you should look for evidence of skills, extra qualifications and specialist areas, as some dentists will have additional expertise, such as offering cosmetic dentistry. 

Dental services available 

Nowadays, dental practices offer a variety of dentistry services, as well as routine dental care. For you to achieve a healthy smile and mouth, and to maintain your oral health, it’s important that you choose a dentist practice that offers a choice of treatments. To find out what the dentist offers, browse their website, which should be clear and informative, or visit the practice and speak to them directly. 

Dental team and dental practice 

The dental practice should be tidy, well-organised and clean, with knowledgeable and helpful staff that make you feel comfortable. A good dentist should always remain professional, approachable, sympathetic and patient, regardless of the patient, so you can ask them any questions or queries you have. 

Pricing and fees should always be available for you, and if you need to budget for your dental treatment, see if the dental practice has dental payment plans.  

Hours and location 

You don’t want to travel far for a dentist appointment, so choose a dentist practice that is close to your work or home. Not only will this make it easier to schedule an appointment, but you will be able to arrive on time too. In addition to the location, ensure that the dental office is open on suitable days and times that suit you. 

Personal comfort 

For some, visiting the dentist can cause anxiety, so when choosing a dentist, consider whether they make you feel comfortable. If you’re able to explain your symptoms, express your fear or anxiety and ask any questions you have, then you should choose that dental practice. 

Website and patient reviews 

When you’re looking for the best dentist, ask friends, co-workers and family who they would recommend and their feedback on their dentist. Additionally, read reviews of on dentists you are considering online, ensuring that the comments are posted by patients. You can also review the information and reviews on the website of the dental practice, so you can see what their patients think of their service. 

Hopefully, these top tips will give you a starting point and something to consider when choosing the best dentist. Make sure you choose a dentist you can trust and you look forward to your dental appointments.