The last week has seen an unprecedented and life changing series of events as social distancing was requested by the government. As the week wore on, more and more of Surrey’s museums, farms, stately houses, theatres and cinemas shut down.

And as last week’s briefing a compulsory shut down of restaurants, cafes, pubs and leisure centres has been ordered. I can safely say that the vast majority of the fabulous places that we promote are shutting their doors with no idea of when they are going to be able to reopen.

There is no doubt that this is necessary for the good of us all and I’m sure that you all share with me the belief that we all need take whatever measures necessary to protect the vulnerable in our community.

As I gradually worked through the list of cancelled events during the past few days and deleted the listings on the what’s on calendar my heart went out to all the owners and staff at Surrey venues who are affected and who give so much to make these places enjoyable for us to visit.

And rest assured that as soon as possible we will be populating the calendar again and telling you all about the wonderful events and activities that are on offer for families in Surrey. 

So in these difficult times I’m signing off with the advice to keep smiling as much as you can, stay positive, know that this will pass and look after yourselves and your family. And of course do get out and enjoy the wonderful green spaces we have in Surrey whilst remembering to abide by the social distancing advice.

Click here for further information from the UK Government about coronavirus.