Glow Art is the original light up drawing board that can take a kid’s imagination anywhere and to a whole new level! The toy is simple, just four fluorescent markets can be used to create fantastic neon-like works of art. 36 selectable modes use multi-coloured LEDs to flash and light up the board in different ways, transforming and bringing their art to life.

The see-through screen means they can use it as a tracing board as well, so all their favourite pictures can be drawn by them. This is ideal for pre-schoolers as well. Kids can play games on the board for extra fun. It’s also a great educational tool as letters, numbers and shapes can be traced. Even maths homework can become more fun! As children get older their creations advance. If you need any more inspiration just visit the Glow art website for cool examples of what you can do with the light-up drawing board.

 Our very own Surrey Mummy reviewer had this to say about the board she tried out:

“Glow Art is great because it’s good for all ages and it has cool neon effects and it lights up after you’ve drawn. It has four different colours with good effects on the drawing board. You can draw whatever you want, anything you can think of! You can keep changing your creations and can use it for hours. I’ve created a Christmas scene and left it up for my family to see. I know I will use this Glow Art again and again”.

For more info visit the Glow Art website.