Home DNA testing kits are getting popular with the passage of time. It is amazing for gaining more information about the history of your family or ancestry. If you feel curious about your family history or you have the enthusiasm within you to dig deeper into your ancestry, then a home DNA test kit will certainly help you out. These user-friendly and affordable kits, help you gain the data you want about your family histories and also gain data about genealogical health background. This further helps you in addressing a lot of potential healthcare concerns. 

Functions of DNA Home Testing Kits

A home DNA test kit works to offer you a bundle of information regarding your heritage, health care and a lot of factors that you might have interest in. These kits provide information in the form of charts and maps. You can track the data through these maps. The results vary based on the company. The outcomes aren’t widely different but they will slightly vary. 

How do at home testing DNA kits work?

First things first, read through the instructions displayed on the kits carefully. The package has all the data present on it. Every kit comes with their own specific regulations, as each kit is manufactured differently. Just like one size doesn't fit all; a kit wouldn’t work similar for everyone. 

Each DNA home test kit will have different instructions and it is important that you follow them individually. Some kits will require an online registration before usage as it makes data collection more secure and fast. Therefore, read through the package manual before you proceed. 

Once you have read through the instructions, you will have to collect the sample and send it to the company of your own choice. There are two ways to collect a sample: 

  • Saliva sampling

  • Swabbing the cheek 

You will have a container, provided in the kit. Secure your sample in it and box it with the items that are provided to you. Then you have to ship the sample to the lab for testing and wait patiently for the results. 

How much time do the results take?

The results are expected to come in 6-8 weeks. Some companies are really cooperative and they come with a tracking system too. This means that you are not left in the dark regarding your results and you can keep an eye on them whether they are under process or not. Kits usually give access to an online portal to the users. This enhances user-friendliness for the users and ensures that their data is kept private and secure and they can reach out to it, whenever required. The online portal system will also vary from one provider to another. 

Are these kits safe to use at home?

It is generally a very safe practice. Using at home DNA test kits haven’t ever reported any hazardous results. These companies use standard security practices to ensure that these kits can be used at home. Likewise, they keep the user’s privacy intact as well. Thus, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to getting your DNA tests done at home with these really helpful kits. 


There are various DNA home testing kits but you need to pick the one that is most suitable for uncovering the data that you are looking forward to. Lastly, keep your budget in mind while choosing the kit and the ease of use that it is offering.