Sick of clutter? Do you struggle to keep your house as clean as you'd like?

Sick of clutter? Do you struggle to keep your house as clean as you'd like?

The hit Channel 5 cleaning show Filthy House SOS is back and looking for people who need help to transform their home.

Professional cleaners Richard and Brennan are passionate about helping people transform their cluttered homes. ‘’We want to transform people’s homes, whilst also teaching tips and tricks to help keep it spotless’’ says Brennan. ‘’No job is too tough for us’’ says Richard, ‘’If you have a house you need expert help to clean, we want to hear from you’’. 

The duo clean and declutter homes within the space of 4 days, completely free of charge.

Filming now until October 2021, the expert cleaners want to hear from individuals living in Surrey and beyond who could benefit from a free clean up this 2021.

For more information on how to apply, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or apply here :

Young infants produce strong immune response to SARS-CoV-2, study finds

Young infants show strong immune responses to SARS-CoV-2, new research has found.  In particular, compared with adults, young infants produce relatively high levels of antibodies and immune cells that can specifically protect against COVID-19.

The study led by academics and paediatricians at the University of Bristol and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children is published in Cell Reports Medicine.

During the pandemic, children have been much less likely to become seriously ill with COVID-19, which is unexpected, especially in young infants who are known to be vulnerable to severe disease from other respiratory viruses, such as RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and flu.

Early in the pandemic, it became evident young infants with COVID-19 who were being cared for by paediatricians at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children were only mildly affected by the disease.

With very little data published on the immune response to SARS-CoV-2 in young babies, the research team set out to examine antibody and cellular immune responses to SARS-CoV-2 in young infants compared with adults.

The research team evaluated convalescent immune responses in four infants under three months old with confirmed COVID-19 who presented in March 2020 with mild febrile illness, alongside their parents, and adult controls who had recovered from confirmed COVID-19.

The researchers found young infants produce relatively high levels of antibodies and immune cells that can specifically protect against COVID-19, compared with adults.

The findings could help explain why young infants appear protected from severe COVID-19, at a period of their life when they could be more vulnerable.  

Dr Anu Goenka, Clinical Lecturer in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology at the University of Bristol and Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, said: “By conducting a detailed study on young infants who are relatively protected from severe COVID-19, we have shown what protective immunity 'looks like’, in terms of the make-up of specific antibodies and immune cells directed against SARS-CoV-2.

“This is very useful information for the design of future COVID-19 vaccines that could seek to induce and mimic the signature of this protective immunity.”

The research team would like to confirm their findings in a larger cohort of infants, as well as compare infant vs adult immune response during COVID-19 during and at several timepoints after their infection.

The work was supported by Wallace and Gromit's Grand Appeal, the dedicated charity for the children’s hospital, the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, Wellcome and UKRI.


Young infants exhibit robust functional antibody responses and restrained IFN-γ production to SARS-CoV-2’ by Anu Goenka et al in Cell Reports Medicine [open access]

Boost your wellbeing at National Trust’s top bluebell spots in Surrey

Lingering cool weather earlier in the season has caused an explosion of spring flowers and bluebells at National Trust places across Surrey, including Winkworth Arboretum, Hatchlands Park and Polesden Lacey.

Moments not minutes spent in nature vital for feelings of wellbeing

Simple actions like smelling wildflowers, looking at blossom and watching pollinators, are important for feelings of wellbeing.

The bluebells are in full bloom now in Surrey.

After a cold spell at the beginning of spring, the recent warmer weather has brought with it an explosion of bluebells at National Trust gardens in Surrey, including Winkworth Arboretum and Hatchlands Park. Soon to be followed by boughs of apple blossom and fragrant wisteria in the gardens at Polesden Lacey.

Britain’s beautiful bluebell spring is a quintessential part of our native landscape. The soft blue haze of a sea of bluebells is a delight for senses.

A growing body of evidence suggests that moments each day noticing nature are vital for wellbeing [1]. Further evidence also suggests that people derive many of the benefits from online engagement [2], by seeing images of spring flowers on social media.

Graham Alderton, National Trust Head Gardener for Winkworth Arboretum said: “The winter lockdown has made local enjoyment of spring flowers even more powerful, because it is nature’s reminder that life and renewal are returning.

“We've had an interesting period of weather recently. Whilst it has been mostly dry and sunny the temperature has been lower than average with quite a few frosty nights. This has put the bluebells back a week or so from last year.

“There are some lovely pockets of bluebells in flower all over the site but the plants in the cooler areas are still hanging on for a burst of warmth before they flower. It won't be long before there is a carpet of nodding blue flowers throughout the site.”

Here are some of the best places in Surrey to see bluebells this spring

Winkworth Arboretum
From early May a beautiful carpet of bluebells covers the arboretum floor while perfuming the woodland air with their faint, honey scent. They thrive in the dappled sunlight of the coppiced areas at Winkworth. A walk through the hillside arboretum, in its blue haze of flowers, while listening to birdsong is one of the great treasures of spring.

Hatchlands Park
Little Wix Wood at Hatchland Park is one of the finest bluebell woods in Surrey. This quiet patch of ancient woodland was first recorded in the Chertsey Chronicles during the 13th century. Take the Wix Woods Walk, following the blue way-marker posts, to get there.

Polesden Lacey
Ranmore Common on the Polesden Lacey estate is one of Surrey’s best kept secrets for bluebells. The best way to find them is by following one of the waymarked routes across Ranmore Common from the gardens at Polesden Lacey or from one of the countryside carparks on Ranmore Common Road. Within the gardens themselves, there are bluebells scattered throughout Preserve Copse.

If you are visiting the bluebells at our gardens and woodlands please book your visit in advance from the National Trust’s website, especially at busier times such as weekends and bank holidays. If you do not book we cannot guarantee admission.  Tickets are released every Friday for the week ahead. For more information visit:

Our Museum reopens with portraits from Guildfordian and royal artist John Russell RA

We are welcoming residents back to our museum next week with a fantastic exhibition dedicated to the stunning work of local resident and Royal Academician John Russell (1745-1806).

The ‘John Russell, A Georgian Portrait Painter at Work’ exhibition opens on Wednesday 26 May at 12pm and runs throughout the summer until 9 October 2021. The show introduces John Russell and his working practices through a small selection of his pastel portraits.

The display includes activities for families inviting visitors to look more closely at the paintings and paint a portrait of their own.

As with all of our exhibitions, entry is free.

John Russell RA was renowned for pastel portraiture in the late 1700s and an appointed painter to King George III. He was born in Guildford in 1745. His father was town Mayor five times, and he attended the Royal Grammar School.

He captured images of people from all walks of life, from quirky local characters, sober citizens, celebrities of the day and royalty. We hold one of the largest collections of John Russell's work in the UK.  

Lead Councillor for Economy, Cllr John Redpath says:

“It’s fantastic that we are able to welcome our residents back to the museum in person, and who better to open with than local artist to the king, John Russell - one of the leading portrait painters of his time. His skilful application of colours using dry pastels is simply magnificent.

"Let's rediscover the creative side within us and support our local venues as they reopen. We look forward to seeing you. Half-term provides a good chance to bring the family for a visit and enjoy lunch in town or a picnic in one of our award-winning green spaces”.

Our Museum is housed in beautiful, historic buildings next to the Castle Grounds. The exhibitions are free to visit and include a variety of changing displays, plus a permanent collection of objects telling the story of our borough and surrounding areas.

The Museum is open weekly from Wednesday until Saturday, 12noon - 4pm, with a programme of activities for different ages and interests. For more information on the exhibitions and other programmes please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or like and follow us on social media.
Later in the year, a partner to the museum exhibition, a show entitled ‘Georgian Women, Portraits by John Russell’ will open at Guildford House Gallery.

Let Painshill transport you to a different world this summer

This summer, Painshill in Surrey invites you to sit in a beautiful English walled garden and be transported to the wilds of Africa, a fairy-filled forest glade, and the decks of a British warship.

The historic 18th century landscape garden is hosting a magical summer of outdoor theatre, cinema and stand-up comedy sponsored by leading local estate agent Grosvenor Billinghurst.  

Outdoor theatre lovers can enjoy Henry V on June 21, The Further Adventures of Doctor Dolittle on June 25, The Importance of Being Earnest on July 10, Macbeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream on July 23 and 24, HMS Pinafore on July 27, and The Comedy of Errors on July 29.

There will also be a series of open-air cinema, theatre and comedy nights featuring top-class comedians including Milton Jones, Rich Hall, Nina Conti, Shappi Khorsandi and Andy Parsons.

Director Paul Griffiths said: “I am delighted with our new partnership with Grosvenor Billinghurst and are thrilled they have chosen to support our summer events at Painshill.

“Events are a very important income generator for our small independent charity and we are extremely grateful for their sponsorship.

“We can’t wait to bring the local community stand-up comedy, theatre and open air cinema and we look forward to welcoming people to Painshill for some brilliant nights out.”

Gareth Davies, director of Grosvenor Billinghurst, said: “Our team and many of our clients enjoy spending their free time taking in the stunning views of the rolling landscapes at Painshill, so it’s important to us that we support Painshill Park Trust in continuing the excellent work they are doing to secure the future of the park for everyone to enjoy.

“Painshill Park is an integral part of the history and future of Cobham and surrounding area, and we are thrilled to be able to provide our support.”

All events will take place in the walled garden, where social distancing measures can be easily adhered to.

Designed in the 18th century by the Hon Charles Hamilton, Painshill fell into ruins until it was saved by the Painshill Park Trust in the 1980s. Hamilton designed the garden as a walk through a work of art, taking the visitor past magical replicas of temples and towers, Abbey ruins, a crystal grotto, Serpentine lake, vineyard, and a heritage collection of trees and shrubs. 

For further information and to book tickets, please visit