Joe Swash takes on Surrey family at video gaming – but who comes out on top?

Half of parents describe gaming as a bonding activity that has brought them closer to their children

The Lane family won the #LetsPlayMay competition to win a bundle of top video games, delivered by Joe Swash 

The competition winners, mum Kim Lane (35), dad Will (35), daughter Mia (15) and son Seth (9) spent the evening with Joe, playing a number of console games including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 and Rocket League and dad took Joe on for some rounds of WWE 2K18.

Research commissioned for the #LetsPlayMay campaign has found that over half (53%) of British parents describe video gaming as a bonding activity that has brought them closer to their children, with 44% saying that secret gaming practice has led their kids to think of them as ‘cool’.

“This month I’ve been encouraging people of all ages to give gaming a go together. For me, it’s gone from a personal hobby to a great way to bond with my son, Harry. He’s ten and loves gaming, so it provides a chance for us to hang out and chat while his guard is down… and I get to show off some of the skills I’ve picked up from years of playing.”

“It’s not just for kids though. I also game with Stacey [Solomon], she’s really good and there’s a bit of rivalry there. It was a pleasure to hang out with the Lanes and great to meet another family who spends time together doing this activity that everyone loves. There was definitely some friendly competition on the night, I’ve got to admit Seth and Mia taught me a couple of new tricks and Will may have beaten me once or twice…!”

Mum, Kim Lane, commented “We were thrilled to invite Joe into our home for the evening, it was such a laugh to see him take on our whole family, and then battle it out against my husband. For us, gaming is one of the activities we enjoy as a whole family and something I’ve learned to do, really to gain some cool points with my kids! Joe’s welcome back anytime for round two, we’ll be practising with the games he kindly brought us.”

#LetsPlayMay is a UK-wide campaign encouraging people of all ages to give gaming a go. A number of console games are available on promotion at selected retailers across the country this month.