Children see too much sex on TV

The Daily Mail reports: Raunchy television shows and adult-like clothes are forcing children to grow up too quickly, parents say.

Explicit advertising campaigns and ‘too adult’ soap operas are also to blame, a study for the Department for Education found.

Nearly nine in ten parents believe children feel under pressure to act older than they are. And almost half believe the 9pm watershed – in place to protect youngsters – no longer has any force.

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Families never had it so bad

The Maill on Sunday reports:

Soaring inflation and weak earnings growth has led to the biggest squeeze on household finances since 1921, research has revealed.

British families are on average £910 worse off than they were two years ago, the Centre for Economics and Business Research found.

Married women are happier

The Telegraph reports: Unmarried women who live with men are unhappier than married women because society "disapproves" of their behaviour, according to a sociological study.


The study of 22,000 people from around the world found that British women who cohabited with men before they were married were slightly unhappier than married women, and that the most likely reason was because they had "violated" normal behaviour and had to endure disapproving glances.


The researchers also claimed that one of the possible reasons they were unhappy was because they were "pitied" for failing to persuade their man down the aisle, and they had low self-esteem.

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Want to be happy? have two daughters

The Telegraph reports: Having two daughters is the key to a happy and harmonious family life, according to a study.

Researchers came to the conclusion after examining the lives of families with different combinations of children, both male and female.

The results show of all the variations, two girls make for the most harmonious family life as they are unlikely to fight, will play nicely and are generally a pleasure to be around.

It also emerged two girls rarely annoy their parents, make limited noise, often confide in their parents and are unlikely to wind each other up or ignore each other.

By contrast, doubling the number of daughters is likely to lead to a whole world of pain, the report found.

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Children of older women fare better

The Independent reports: Older mothers make better parents, according to an international study of children born to women over 40. Their offspring are less likely to be injured in accidents and admitted to hospital, and more likely to have had all their immunisations; but they tend to be slightly overweight.

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