When the rain starts to pour, it can be hard to think of things to do with your kids. However, there are always plenty of options for rainy day activities to keep your children entertained all day long. Here are just a few ideas.

When the weather turns sour, it is time to pick up your kids from school early, so you have time to go out and escape the rain. Here are some ideas to make it a fun day for everyone:

1. Visit a museum 

Many museums open early and stay open late on weekdays, so you have plenty of options when it's raining outside. Check your local listings to see if any museums in your area offer free or reduced admission for children, then get out the umbrella before heading out the door. 

As you purpose to visit a museum, if you don’t have a personal car, don’t rely on public transport. Peter Mann the managing director of SCVH says that hiring a van helps you keep your kids safe during a trip.

2. Go shopping 

Some towns have indoor malls with everything from shops to restaurants to movie theatres all under one roof.

It can be fun to walk around aimlessly while catching up with daddy over hot cocoa, but it is even better when you plan for what you want to do at this place beforehand by looking at the mall's website or asking an employee for a map.

3. Go to a movie

Most theatres offer half-price tickets, and some show free movies every day of the week. Additionally, some places have family-friendly matinees that allow kids in with their parents at a discounted rate during nonpeak hours. 

Look online to see if there is a theatre near your house before heading out when it's raining outside.

4. Play miniature golf

Many indoor courses operate year-round to accommodate parents who want a fun activity to share with their kids on days they would rather not go out in the rain or snow even if you live in an area without an indoor course, head over to the local fairground to see what they have to offer.

5. Go bowling 

Many family-friendly bowling alleys are equipped with kid-sized plastic shoes that fit children up to age six, so kids can learn how to bowl in no time when it's raining outside. Most places also allow you to rent shoes if your child does not own any of their own. 

Additionally, many arcades and restaurants near bowling alleys host birthday parties for kids on the weekends.

6. Ride a roller coaster 

Certain indoor theme parks keep their coasters going during rainstorms, allowing parents to ride along with their children through stormy weather without getting wet. 

This is a great opportunity for dads and daughters or moms and sons to spend some quality time together, and who knows — maybe your child will even get brave enough to try it on their own once you're finished riding.

7. Go to a water park 

Some larger indoor water parks like Great Wolf Lodge draw additional guests during bad weather because they have special attractions just for kids that keep them entertained all day when it's raining outside. 

Just check online to see what special activities they offer when it is stormy outside, so you know in advance if your kids will be interested in stopping by when it starts raining.

8. Play video games 

Many gaming arcades with two or four-person pods allow parents and children to play off one another for hours at a time, doing everything from shooting zombies to rollerblading through intergalactic landscapes when it is stormy out. 

Plus, the best part about these places is that once you feel like getting something to eat, most of them have restaurants right there on-site.

9. Go to the movies

Many theatres offer half-price tickets, and some show free movies every day of the week. Additionally, some places have family-friendly matinees that allow kids in with their parents at a discounted rate during nonpeak hours. 

Look online to see if there is a theatre near your house before heading out when it's raining outside.

10. Ride a Ferris wheel

If you live near an amusement park that offers rides during bad weather, be sure to check their website before going. Please pay attention to what days they are open and anything special due to the inclement weather.

Although some rides may not be available depending upon how busy it gets, most indoor attractions remain open during rainy weather so kids can still get their thrills after the sun goes down. Check this list for more ideas.

11. Go to a water-themed restaurant 

Many restaurants near lakes and rivers offer outdoor seating when the weather is nice, but shut it down when it starts to rain so they can focus on keeping their customers dry. 

Most families don't mind eating in a covered area away from the elements if they don't have to get out into the rain.

If you live near an outdoor mall, check out this list of indoor activities for rainy days. 

12. Have a campout 

Grab your sleeping bags, tents, and games, then head over to the nearest state park when it's raining outside. You can pitch a tent at many campsites located near national parks throughout the country. 

If you enjoy hiking in the rain, this is a great way to make memories with your kids when it is stormy out.

Depending on your location, there are many places to explore with the kids when it's raining outside. If you live in a coastal town or by a lake, bring along some swimsuits and towels for an afternoon of exploring tide pools and collecting shells. 

For those who live inland, look around for any trails that will be dryer than others so you can go hiking without getting too wet. Regardless of where you're located, plan and ensure everyone has proper footwear before heading out on this adventure. 

This way nobody is left feeling cold and miserable because they didn't prepare properly for all types of weather conditions.