We would love to have mums contributing to our blog on a variety of topics. Most things go,  but you have to be a genuine mum and please keep it clean

So, how to go about it in x easy steps.

1. You need to be logged in first (Login box at the bottom of the homepage).

2. Once you are logged in, find the User menu. Then click on My profile.

3. You should now be in your profile page. Under the rectangular box, select Blogs and then click on the green button New Blog.

4.You are now ready to write your blog, making sure that you select a category first.

5. Click the blue button Create Blog at the bottom of the page when you are happy with it.

6. We will be notified that you have uploaded a blog and we will review and approve it, after which it will be published.

Many thanks for contributing to our Mum's blog. We are sure that these will prove a great resource to Surrey parents.