I am a Surrey based lady, born and bred in Pirbright, and have recently written my first children's rhyming story which has now been published by an award winning publishing company Candy Jar Books. The story is about two brothers who go into the woods to build a den. They hear all sorts of noises and imagine all kinds of terrible things, but their fears are quickly followed by relief when it always turns out to be someone or something friendly. It aids anxiety and has been referred to as "a sweet and simple tale". Although I would say it is for ages 4 - 10, children either side of this age bracket have also been taken with it and parents enjoy reading it to their children as they can relate to the contents within the story. It is called 'Can You Hear It Too?' and is available either directly through me on my facebook page 'Children's Author Michelle Monan' or through Candy Jar Books. Although it is on Amazon I'm trying to discourage people from purchasing through them as they take a HUGE percentage!! If you do buy my first book please let me know what you think. I have written two others about the same characters in different seasons and only have Winter to do. I am yet to submit them to my publisher as I want to see how this one goes first.