My two daughters absolutely LOVE these! They are a great way to start and end each day – filling you and your children with positivity and confidence as well as stimulating some worthwhile conversations between you.

Lisa, Parkes, The Smiley Coach runs workshops, one-to-one sessions and other support for families and children – creating healthy habits for happy, confident children. Her Smiley Thought Cards come in a box of 40 with a message on both sides accompanied by lovely glossy photographs and illustrations that make them really pleasant to look at and hold.

The idea behind the cards is to give your child a daily burst of happiness and support.

Some of my favourite uplifting messages include:

  • I am proud of who I am. Stop comparing yourself to others and be the best version of yourself.
  • Bad things don’t last forever. Feelings are like waves – they come and go! Ride the waves and be a surfer of your own destiny.
  • I believe in myself. You have the power to shine brightly. Remind yourself of all the times you have felt proud and strong.
  • I am a good friend to others. List what makes a good friend. The only way to make a friend is to be one.
  • I can handle anything. Remember, life is a fun adventure, full of new things to learn. Believe in yourself.
  • I have kind friends who make me feel good. Real friends have your back and want the best for you. You get to choose who stays and who goes.

As a family, we use the cards in different ways:

  • My children like to look through them and pick out a few favourites for each day. This can be an interesting way for me to see what is going on in their head at any given time as they don’t always know how to vocalise their thoughts.
  • I pick one or two for each of them and put them on the breakfast table for them to read before they start each day.
  • They like to choose one or two to take to bed with them – a great way to go to sleep with positive thoughts in their heads.
  • We pick a couple out to sit and chat about – eg, what we think makes a good friend and why. What they think are the things they are good at and what I think they are good at. This is a great way of helping them understand the world and the people in it but also a great way of reminding them what is brilliant about themselves and their lives.

As a family, we are already really enjoying our new Smiley Thought time each day. It is a lovely way of “forcing” us to slow down during each busy day and just take a few minutes (sometimes longer) to chat and think about our feelings and our lives in a positive way.

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