Surrey Mummy is loving...the revolutionary new 'mifold' booster seat

The mifold; what a great invention! No more lugging a car seat around the place. Let’s face it, these essential but cumbersome items are a real pain to take on an aeroplane, taxi or playdate.  So the clever people at mifold have come up with an ingenious solution that really is quite simple.

The mifold is the most compact car seat you will ever have seen. So much so that it folds up into pouch and can be popped into a bag and taken around discreetly and easily. It proudly boasts to be ‘even smaller than an ipad!’

Even when the child is using it, once they are sitting on it, it is not at all obvious that they are using a car seat. Ideal for those who are on the small side but old enough to feel self conscious in front of their peers.

If this all sounds a bit too good to be true, let’s have a look and see how it works.

The mifold adjusts the adult-sized seatbelt to securely fit a child. Two red lap belt guides hold the lap belt accurately on the hip bones. The shoulder strap and red clip aligns the chest strap with the child's shoulder. Simple, but very effective.

Watch the video here to see exactly what we mean

The mifold is designed for 4-12 year olds, so covers the entire age range requiring boosters. It’s light, adjustable as the child grows and has passed every safety test going. It’s also comfortable and easy to clean. We set ours up in next to no time and we use it with absolutely no fuss.

The mifold retails at £49.95 and currently comes in three colours. We think it’s worth every penny!