Farncombe Fun Zone

Clean and compact with good visibility for adults.

The Warehouse, Owen Road

GU7 3AY Farncombe, Godalming

Contact Data:

Phone: 01483 861666
Email: info@farncombefunzone.co.uk

Rating Summary:
8.67 based on 3 votes

Great for pre-schoolers 

On 28 Nov 2011, Luckymum wrote:
I visited Farncombe Fun Zone for the fist time today, and to be honest, I am annoyed I hadn't discovered it sooner. It is absolutely perfect for pre-school children. No big kids running around, or larger apparatus for my toddler to try and climb on - everything was safe - but exciting for him. It is an open space, so there is clear visibility to see where your child is, so you can actually sit down and have a cup of tea without worrying about taking your eyes off your child.
Very friendly staff too. I met the owner and cook and they are clearly very passionate about their business.
I'll be back again soon!
Great for little ones 

On 18 Apr 2011, adele wrote:
This softplay is great for anyone under 5 because it's small and you can usually hear/see if your little has got themselves into any trouble.
Also do a stress-free party package which we have used once or twice.
Small & Cosy Soft Play. 

On 15 Feb 2011, AlexBea wrote:
I like this soft play as it is quite pleasant as soft play areas go! It's small so you can see your children whilst enjoying a coffee rather than having to leave your dignity at the door and follow them round!
Probably more suited to the younger child as equipment is not particularly challenging for older ones but good for rainy day fun for little ones. Has small gated area for babies too.
Available for hire for parties.
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