Start Date: Sunday, August 07, 2022
Duration: All Day
Categories: Outdoor Activity

Instead of rattle-snake-ing around at home with the kids “bug-ing” you, kick off your summer from the “gec-ko” and get the whole family down to Fishers Farm Park for a ‘Wiggly Weekend’ of fun. (Ha, Ha, I should become a stand-up chameleon I’m so funny!) Meet Jodie and her team from Ember Exotics for an opportunity to meet and learn fascinating facts about her array of charming exotic animals at our Wiggly Weekend sessions this summer.

“Scale” new levels of brave and meet exotic animals from around the world, including an Indian stick insect, giant African land snail, African train millipede, Corn snake, Leopard gecko, Columbian Tegu and more! As well as a V.I.P-er visit from their amazing 8ft Boa constrictor.

Wiggly Weekends will be held in the Animal Encounters Barn on 23rd/24th July, 6th/7th Aug and 20th 21st Aug. Show times are 12.30pm and 2.45pm. 


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