We asked the Surrey Mummy children to review their favourite books and here's what they came up with...

The Princess Poppy series by Janey Louise Jones

Reviewed by Olivia, age five:

The books are a series of stories about a girl who doesn’t always make the right choice at first, but learns in the end.

I like the books because I like Poppy. I love the pictures and Poppy and her friends look really pretty.

My favourite part is when they got a new puppy.

Princess Poppy is my favourite character because she has long hair and is a beautiful girl.

Reading the books makes me feel happy.

I do like the endings because Poppy always becomes happy in the end.

St Clare’s, by Enid Blyton

Reviewed by Hannah, age 11:

St Clare’s is a number of books written by Enid Blyton about each year in a boarding school called St Clare’s. All these crazy adventures happen, like sneaking out of school, midnight feasts, parties, tricks etc.

I like the book because you just want to read on and it gets better and better as you go on reading.

My favourite bit is in the second book where the girls play tricks on Mam'zelle and she thinks that she has got ill.

I like Bobby the best because she comes up with all the tricks. I also like Pat because she is funny when she goes into a freezing pond to get some frogspawn.

It is definitely a comedy and great for the family. The book makes me feel happy and excited because that’s what it’s all about. I always love the endings as well.

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams

Reviewed by Cari, age 11:

Gangsta Granny is a book about a boy called Ben and his gangsta granny trying to steal the crown jewels. I think it is a very funny book by David Walliams. The thing I like about it is that in the book Ben says that of course an 11 year old (like me) didn’t need a child lock on the car door any more. I still had the child lock on my car door and had recently had an argument with my mum about it! After that I had it taken off.

The characters are all very funny and have great personalities that all fit into the story. My favourite characters are Ben and granny because they have a special bond with each other (and of course because they try to steal the crown jewels together).

The book makes me feel excited because you never know what’s going to happen next. I really liked the bit where the policeman sees granny in her underwear by accident, it was hilarious! I also liked the bit where granny did a really cabbagy fart and didn’t notice, Ben was horrified.

I liked the ending of the story but it was a little bit sad because granny dies. The book is aimed at children of ages 7-12 with a good sense of humour and likes adventure stories. It would be a good book for a parent to read to their child because it is really funny.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Isabel, age nine:

Charlie and his family are very poor. When he wins a golden ticket in a chocolate bar he is invited to Mr Willy Wonka’s chocolates factory. Inside, everything is made of choclate and sweets, made by the Oomapah Loompas. One by one the children fall by the wayside and Charlie is left to take over the chocolate factory.

I liked the book because it is an adventure like all Roald Dahl’s books.

My favourite bit is when Charlie goes into the chocolate factory for the first time and sees what’s inside.

I like Charlie, Mr Willy Wonka and Grandpa Jo. I like Charlie because he is the main character, Mr Willy Wonka because he is the hero and Grandpa Jo because he’s funny and dances around in his pyjamas when he finds a chocolate bar.

The book made me feel sorry for Charlie because he was poor. It also made me feel hungry because of all the chocolate!

I liked the ending because Charlie ends up living in the chocolate factory.

More Adventures According to Humphrey, by Betty G Birney

Reviewed by Jody, age eight:

This story is about a hamster called Humphrey who lives in school and is the classroom pet. In this book the children are learning about boats. Humphrey gets in a boat that was sailing in Potters Pond.

I like it because it’s a very fun story. If you like Humphrey, there are more of his books in the shops.

There are lots of characters, these are some of their names: Humphrey, Og the frog, Mrs Brisbane the teacher, stop giggling Gail, Raise your hand Heidi and many more.

I like the books because they are funny and because I love hamsters.

I also enjoy them because Humphrey always solves lots of problems for the children.

This is aimed at children age seven to 10.

Dancing Bear, a story in The Book of Bedtime Stories, chosen by Michael Rosen

Reviewed by Zak, age five:

I like this story because I love it when they skate and make friends because it is beautiful.

My favourite bit is when they make friends, ice skate together and when the girl smiled and the bear curled up.

My favourite characters are the bear and the girl.

The story makes me feel sleepy and I love the ending.

The BFG, by Roald Dahl

Reviewed by Evie, age six:

The BFG is about a girl called Sophie and a Big Friendly Giant who steals her from her bed.

I like it beause it is funny and because the BFG says funny words. It is exciting too.

I liked the BFG and Sophie the most.

I liked the bit when the BFG and Sophie gave the Bloodbottler giant a nightmare.

I liked the ending because it is funny when they go to live with the queen and feed the bad giants snozzcumbers.

We hope you've enjoyed reading them and please encourage your children to publish their favourite books in our chit-chat section.